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Watchfire Customer Support

Watchfire is happy to announce the creation of several instructional videos for first-time Ignite users! The tutorials will guide you through the most commonly used features of the software, allowing you to get started building content for your sign even faster. They are available in the Ignite OP Tutorials tab.

There is also an updated Ignite Help Index which lists several articles written by our technicians to provide further assistance in learning how to use Ignite.

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You may find solutions to error messages, setup instructions, and general product information.
If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact Watchfire support.

Watchfire has manuals available for current sign models and communication equipment.
Information on older products may be found by searching above.

Use the Live Chat tab above to quickly communicate directly to a technician. They can help you find the information you need and answer your questions!

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