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Ignite OP Software Installation Procedure

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How do I install Ignite 11.10+ on a new PC?


Please look for the revision number on the disc before proceeding. If your disc is Ignite version 11.10+,
you may follow the Auto Configuration procedure below. A PDF of this procedure is also attached below.
For earlier versions of Ignite, refer to the manual installation procedure.

  1. If your sign came with a USB security HASP, connect it to your PC now.
    • Ignite versions 8-11.30 require a Hasp for connecting to the sign.
    • The Hasp is not required for Ignite versions 12+.
  2. Be sure the sign is powered on.
    • If the sign does not have power, you may continue with the installation procedure. However, you will need to select Configure Ignite Manually in the Auto Configuration Wizard. Refer to the inside cover of your Ignite Manual for your specific sign configuration. 
  3. In order for Auto Configuration to complete, you must have your communication hardware connected properly. Refer to your communication manual for further setup instructions. An overview of each option can be found in this article
  4. Insert your Ignite disc into the PC. It should auto run the setup wizard which will guide you through the installation.
    Note: Users with Ignite version 12+ may register their sign at to access a download of the software. For more information on downloading Ignite OP, please click here.
    1. If User Account Control appears, click Yes to continue.
    2. Select Install Ignite.
    3. Select Yes to start the installation.
    4. Click either Yes to install the 32 bit version or No to install the 64 bit version.
      Note: We only recommend the 32 bit because Spell Checker does not work in 64 bit version.
    5. Check mark the box in front of "I agree with the above document" then click Next > .
    6. Choose a destination folder (we highly recommend leaving it at the default path), click Install.
    7. Wait for Ignite to finish installing, this may take a few minutes.
    8. Click Finish.
  5. Once the install completes, the Auto Configuration Window will appear (see image below).
    You will need to select the appropriate connection method to complete the auto configuration process. See the descriptions below to determine which option is correct for your sign.
  6. After Ignite is configured, you may insert the EasyArt Graphics installation disc and follow the on-screen prompts to complete EasyArt that is sized for your sign will be installed.
    • If your EasyArt disc fails to run automatically, navigate to the files on the disc and double-click on 'Setup.exe.'

Note: EasyArt must be downloaded for new signs shipped after 4/15/15. For instructions, please click here.

Radio or Fiber (Local Connection) - If your sign uses RWF Radios or High Speed Fiber
to connect and you have followed the standard PC configuration setup instructions from
the manual, select Click Here and Ignite will attempt to connect to the sign.

Internet (Network Connection) -  If your sign uses a broadband wireless or DSL modem
OR if you have configured RWF radios / HS Fiber to your local network,
select the Network Connect Page. You will be asked to provide the IP address of the sign.

Phone Modem - If your sign uses a dial-up modem, select the Phone Connection Page.
You will be asked to select the modem for the sign and the associated phone number.

Manual Configuration - If your sign is not powered or if your connection method did not
fall under any of the categories above, select the Manual Configuration Page.
Enter the information provided in your Ignite Manual.


For further assistance with installing Ignite, you may contact Watchfire Support.

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