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Adjusting Time & Date in Ignite

Answer ID: 146   |    Created: 02/03/2006 04:40 PM   |    Updated: 07/18/2017 12:31 PM   |    Access Level: Everyone

How do I adjust the time & date on my message center through Ignite?

This article is for message center signs that use Ignite to update messages to the sign(s). For time and temperature only sign's, please see this article.

Most Watchfire message center controllers have an onboard clock that can be updated via Ignite. Follow the procedure below to change the date and/or time on your sign.

  1. In Ignite, go to Tools > Configuration. This will open the Configuration Summary.
  2. Click Get Sign Controller Status. Ignite connects to the sign.
  3. Click Change Date & Time.  A prompt will appear for setting the date and time.
  4. Set the Date & Time and then click OK.
    Note: By clicking 'Current Time', Ignite will pull the time from the host computer and populate it automatically in the Date and Time fields.

Directions for SuperGraphic Studio users can be found here.

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